the novel

A bleakly comic tale of the lives of two best mates; Taylor and Jade. Taylor is in a coma, following an attempt at ending her life. Meanwhile, Jade spirals into an existential meltdown, thanks to a series of calamitous choices, made in a half-arsed search to find out why her lifelong friend could have resorted to such drastic measures.

Set between a fading Lancashire mill-town - strewn with betting shops and closing down sales, and a leafy London suburb - where the streets are paved with bottomless acai berry brunches, ‘Caffled.’ explores life, death and awkward sex in the age of instant gratification.   


the author

Carli Forrest was born in Burnley, Lancashire and now lives in London, where she is completing the Creative Writing (Novels) MA at City University.

'Caffled.' is her first novel.


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